Lori Anne is a Business & Marketing Strategist / Advisor & High-Performance Personal Transitional Master Mindset Mentor & Implementation Engineer to entrepreneurs, want-to-preneurs, and businesses. 

She is certified as a Life Coach; Canfield Train the Trainer; Law of Attraction Practioner; H’oponopono Practitioner; Kundalini Meditative Yoga Practioner; Aromatherapy; and Herbalist. 

Her purpose is to use her love and compassion to illuminate and empower others to find and embrace their life purpose; live their highest vision and forge a strong foundation to Soar to Success!

Lori Anne is the Founder of LDC Strategies, is a full-service marketing, and public relations firm offering a full spectrum of integrated Marketing, Outreach, and Public Relations, specializing in Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, Marketing Audits, Preparation, and Target Marketing for Products, People or Businesses with powerful results.  LDC Strategies offers an off-site marketing solution for a fraction of the cost, allowing you to focus on your expertise while we strategize, collaborate, coordinate, and manage all of your marketing needs.  

Founder of Monarch Luminaries (a division of LDC Strategies) offering mentoring and advising services. As the founder of her hugely successful SOAR TO SUCCESS Self Guided & Guided Programs providing a result of working with Lori Anne activating an approach of shifting mindset and achieving your goals in business through personalized strategies. She shows you how to take your vision to the next level. Guiding her clients transcend into true leaders through her proven THREE PILLARs of Success; Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual Levels. She helps you overcome fear and thrive. Provides tools for success. Helps eliminate self-limiting beliefs through Radical Honesty, Radical Responsibility, and Radical Self-love. Instituting all these tools with consistency and accountability to enable you to grow your business and become a more effective leader.

As a proven “muse for leaders” Lori Anne will activate your beast, provide a mindset strategy, guide you to drop doubts, fear, and elevate your true gifts. Whether you’re aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, speaking in front of groups, sharing your expertise, expanding your tools, implementing healthy goals; Lori Anne will lift you up, provide strategies and show you your road to success.

“No one ever says ‘I wish I hadn’t tried’ – They only regret is the would of, should of, could ofs”  Only you know when you’re ready to take the leap forward in your career and in your life. Listen to your inner voice. You know when it feels right – then NOTHING will stop your pursuit! Right? That’s why you’re a born leader.

Motivational/Inspirational Speaker; Emcee/Moderator; Contributor for LIBN; and Performer/Vocalist (donating her time singing the national anthem for local fire departments, ambulance companies, and other organizations).  

Lori Anne is also the Founder and Host of HEALTHY LIFESTYLE WITH LORI ANNE  a radio show (then podcasted) with a mission to inspire educate and empower you to fulfill a healthy, emotional, spiritual and physical life, so you can feel empowered to live the life you have always wanted and dreamed. She utilizes her show to lift up others and offers any business owner the opportunity to discuss their mission vision and values from products to services 

Lori Anne helps entrepreneurs and business owners who are just starting or who feel stuck in their life and business create the business that will sustain the life they desire.  She holds their hand from carrying the vision of what they what it to look like, to find their purpose, holding them accountable, to building their confidence and mindset to dare to go after it, to creating a successful and fulfilling business and personal life that is aligned with who they are and what is important to them and; last but not least; to implementing the systems, tools, work-life tapestry and self-care that are needed to make it sustainable. 

Lori Anne believes her life’s purpose is to bring positive creative energy into the world. Her intention is to assist you on your magical journey, guiding you to tap into the inner resources you’ve struggled to access alone. She wants to help you create a new belief system about you in what’s possible. 

Whether your goal is improving your health, increasing prosperity in business, finding your true soulmate, or nurturing spiritual growth – you’re in the right place. Lori Anne will help you shift your mindset, harness your talents, remove resistance, and rise above your limitations. You will be empowered to create your desired reality, as she guides you to align with your divinity and master yourself.


There are several ways you can work with Lori Anne depending essentially on the outcome you’re looking for as well as the time and money you are ready to invest in yourself.


Whether you have just set up your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur; there is always a moment in an entrepreneur’s journey when we are faced with challenges.  Sometimes, all it takes is 90 minutes of laser-focused time with an expert to find the answers you need!  That is exactly what I can do for you!  You get my undivided attention and expertise for 90 minted and together we take your challenge and turn it into the solution you were looking for. 


Private VIP Days are powerful accelerators! If you are highly driven and if you want a fast track to soar to success and fulfillment but not at the cost of your life, then a Private VIP Day is what you need!  I will work an entire day with you and you will walk away with a clear blueprint and implementation plan that will give you the impulse you need to take back control of your business and/or life!


If you are ready to step in the driver’s seat of your life, take back control of it and create a business that will sustain the life you desire, then you are in the right place.  I will hold your hand from clarifying the vision of what you want it to look like, to building the confidence and mindset to dare go after it, creating a successful and fulfilling business that is aligned with who you are and what is important to you. Last but not least implement the systems tools, work-life tapestry, and self-care that are needed to make it sustainable. 

Additional Options are available

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Awarded the 50 Top Most Influential Women in 2018.

Awarded Mentor of the Year 2020

Nominated Bethpage Best of LI Best Business Coach 2021